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In acid catalyst materials, aminoplastic resins (carbamide and melamine) and alkyd resins are used as hardeners. Anthocyanin-based (AC) materials harden during polymerization that starts after addition of an acid catalyst and evaporation of solvents. Polymerization can be accelerated by increasing drying temperature and air change. A layer applied reveals good mechanical and chemical stability.

CodeTitleDescriptionSafety data sheet (SDS)Technical data sheet (TDS)
2100-753001 Proff Primer 150 Standard priming paint SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
2100-751001 IP200 Primer, 54115 Thixotropic SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
2150-780401 Proff 355 White; gloss (GL 35) SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
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