Welcome to the website of RIGALIT Group!

Our 24-years long history roots back to 1991 when we started exporting locally produced woodboard materials from Riga to European countries. During that time, RIGALIT consisted only of 6 employees. To find out more about basic stages of establishment and development of our company, see "About the company. Facts" section.

Today we focus on supply of high-quality glues and adhesives, wood varnishes and paints, as well as of specialised auxiliary equipment for dosing, mixing and application of these products. We offer a wide choice of abrasive materials, as well as equipment and tools for hand sanding and polishing.

RIGALIT Group companies are located in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus allowing us to target a wide range of customers.

We represent such trademarks as Akzo Nobel Wood Finishes And Adhesives, Casco Adhesives, KWH MIRKA Ltd., J.WAGNER GmbH.

RIGALIT employs professional personnel who have one main goal: to offer our customers the widest possible choice of products and services. We will always assist you in choosing the right material taking into account technological processes at your production site, will consult regarding advantages and drawbacks of technological solutions, and will find the most appropriate product based on a combination of the best price and quality.

In 2015, RIGALIT celebrated an anniversary – we turned 24. We express our sincere gratitude to all our customers and partners who have stayed with us all these years!



Mellužu street 1, Rīga LV-1067, Latvia

Phone +371 67 418 031
Fax +371 67 418 078 rigalit@rigalit.lv