Columbus paper filters
Columbus paper filters

Columbus paper filters

Columbus paint dust filters Mini-Mesh and Supra® are made from multiple layers of shredded and expanded kraft paper. The paper is recycled and impregnated with flame retardants. The layers are arranged in such a way that the passing stream of extracted air is broken up and swirled turbulently. Turbulent swirled air guarantees maximum contact between the paint dust and the filter surface. The different cut of the layers ensures that all layers are evenly used to capture the paint particles. Kraft paper does not absorb solvents and paint dust adheres very well.

Supra® filters additionally have a synthetic filter layer that collects the smallest particles of paint dust.

Thanks to the special design, the resistance created by Columbus filters is less, and the quality of paint dust removal remains the same throughout the life of the filter.

Suitable for use in manual painting walls and automatic painting chambers.

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