RIGALIT SIA equipment testing program DEMO

Are you considering buying a sander or painting equipment?

Thinking of a Mirka sander or Wagner painting kit, but doubting whether the equipment you choose will suit you?

RIGALIT together with partners KWH MIRKA and WAGNER GMBH runs the DEMO equipment and tools testing program.

Customers can test selected tools to make sure the tool meets expectations and performs as expected.

Why is it worth it?

  • You will get exactly what you need.
  • You will become familiar with the principles of operation, exploitation and proper maintenance.
  • You will have the opportunity to test the equipment under real conditions at the address you provide.
  • According to the specifics of your work, RIGALIT specialists will adjust the accessories and consult.

How to use the DEMO program?

  • Contact the responsible manager
  • Adjust the test conditions (time, duration, equipment)
  • You have tried
  • You decide to buy

How much it costs?

  • We provide the DEMO tool or equipment for free use (reasonable time required for testing)
  • Materials used during the test (nozzles, disks, etc.) an invoiced is issued
  • Delivery of DEMO equipment for testing is coordinated by separate agreement.

We currently offer to try:

Mirka dust-free sanding system with wall sander LEROS:

Wall sander Mirka LEROS 950CV 225 mm, 5.0 mm + Vacuum cleaner Mirka M1234 + Sanding grid ABRANET D225

Mirka dust-free sanding system with DEROS wall sander.

Electric eccentric sander Mirka DEROS 650CV 150 mm, 5.0 mm + Vacuum cleaner Mirka M1234 + Sanding sheet ABRANET D225

Responsible manager


E-mail: sergey@rigalit.lv

Mob.: +371 292 42564

Wagner equipment for companies performing finishing work:

High pressure furniture, metal and other surface painting kit with diaphragm pump Wagner COBRA 40-10 and Aircoat sprayer GM4700AC

Responsible manager


E-mail: andrejs@rigalit.lv

Mob.: +371 280 01132

There is no equipment on the list that you would like to test? Write to rigalit@rigalit.lv and we will evaluate the possibility to expand the range of DEMO equipment.