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Painting equipment installation/consulting.

Painting equipment installation, consulting

Selection and installation of painting equipment is a responsible and important step. Answers to specific questions are needed to properly assist in equipment selection. For example, what is the need for production, what materials will be used, for what surfaces and others. Each case is different, so a needs analysis is necessary and necessary.

RIGALIT SIA is the official representative of Wagner GmbH equipment in Latvia, which supplies components and solutions for manual and automatic application of liquid, solvent or water-based materials on surfaces. Priorities for reliability, durability and safe process management and quality.

RIGALIT SIA specialists are ready to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision. Consultations and necessary assistance are provided free of charge throughout the period.

For painting equipment installation and consulting, contact the contacts below:

Wagner painting equipment:


Email: andrejs@rigalit.lv

Mob.: +371 280 01132