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Interested in adhesive for wood? The right choice of glue? We can help you.

Selection of glue for wood

The right glue and the gluing method are the basis for achieving a good result. When choosing glue, you need to take into account the properties of the glue, the properties of the material to be glued, the desired result and more.

For example, AkzoNobel's melamine-formaldehyde and melamine-urea-formaldehyde systems are used in load-bearing structures and other applications where there is a need for high-durability adhesive lines. Polyurethane adhesives are used in load-bearing structures and other areas where high water resistance is required. For use where high moisture resistance is important. AkzoNobel's phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde systems are used in load-bearing structures and other applications where high water resistance is required.

Each case is different and each one needs to be understood individually in order to choose the right adhesive.

Our company offers for furniture and wood processing companies:

  • D2, D3, D4 grade PVAc glue
  • EPI glue for parquet, construction work and other responsible gluing operations
  • Hot melt adhesive for edge veneering with various coatings
  • Urea-formaldehyde adhesive systems for veneering, production of curved glued parts and furniture panels
  • Production of structures bearing phenol resorcinol and melamine urea formaldehyde adhesives
  • New generation amino formaldehyde glue ZERO
  • Together with the glue, we choose the right equipment to get a precisely accurate and high-quality result
  • Mixers, glue freezing, application equipment
  • Technical assistance in the acquisition and use of Casco Adhesives adhesives and equipment

We can apply AkzoNobel glue:

  • In furniture production: curved glued parts, glued furniture panels, film gluing, veneering, longitudinal jointing
  • Window production: window molding, assembly of window frames
  • Construction timber: glulam, double or triple beams, longitudinal jointing, load-bearing glulam beams
  • Doors: internal, external and fireproof
  • Parquet: two-layer, three-layer

RIGALIT SIA specialists are ready to help choose and advise in each case. For the selection of glue and additional information, you can contact the contacts below. You can be sure that we will find the best solution for your projects!

AkzoNobel glue for wood:


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Mob.: +371 294 86301