Sanding kit Mirka Leros To Go with dust extractor 1230 L AFC

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Mirka Leros To Go set - to make ceiling and wall sanding easier and healthier!
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Mirka Leros To Go set - to make ceiling and wall sanding easier and healthier!

Complete set:
• Mirka LEROS 950CV wall sander 225 mm with bag
• Mirka dust extractor 1230 L AFC 230V
• Antistatic dust removal hose 27 mm 5.5 m with integrated cable CE 230V
• 3 pack (25 pcs each) Iridium 225mm Grip 24 ch. sanding discs

Advantages of sander Leros 950CV:
• Unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. Thanks to its low weight of less than 3.5 kg, sander is suitable for long-term use with less strain on operator's body.
• First wall sander with a 180° flexible sanding head, which allows the operator to reach the surface from a better angle and gives the work more ergonomics.
• Due to the orbital movements, sander responds precisely to the movements of operator. Special design of sanding head and support cover allows you to work very close to corners and edges.
• In addition, fixation point of sanding head is close to surface, which allows for more stable sanding.

Advantages of dust extractor 1230 L AFC:
• Has a high-quality motor and turbine that creates a vacuum of 250 mbar and an air flow of 4500 l/min.
• Auto-start function increases engine life and reduces noise. Flat top is designed to hold Mirka tool boxes and large wheels are for better maneuverability.
• Automatic dust removal function. Hose and cable holder for more convenient transportation.


"Mirka" is a globally expanding company with 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, North and South America as well as Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 97% of its products are exported and sold in over 100 countries.

Innovative approach, research and development have allowed "Mirka" to become a leader in flexible abrasive innovation, as well as a patented sanding system that allows customers to enjoy true dust-free surface sanding.

Today, "Mirka" offers a wide range of high-quality products that cover all grinding operations. The range of advanced products is designed to effectively solve the problems of specialized production (wood, car refinishing, composites) for both professionals and amateurs.

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