Sanding brush Lite Sand 200 mm

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It is possible to order a sanding brush of other dimensions. If you are interested, please call +370 618 76616 or write to


Brush height 45 mm
Brush length 200 mm
** Sold in packs


“This can be done easier - and better”. This thought stroke machine joiner Poul Erik Jespersen more than 25 years ago while bending over a hand sanding machine at his work in a furniture factory. The thought developed into an idea and, after eight years of developing the idea became an internationally recognized patented sanding system which today is sold all over the world.

"Flex Trim" low speed sanding system ensures better sanding and longer abrasive life. "Flex Trim" grinding heads are manufactured exactly to the customer's needs, so the company's products can be easily adapted to any machine in the existing production facilities. Grinding brushes come in different heights and sizes, which allows you to find the best surface or profile solution for the user.

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