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Sanding belt Mirka ULTIMAX BLACK 1350 x 2620 mm

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Mirka ULTIMAX BLACK (1350 x 2620 mm) is a new generation PREMIUM quality sanding belt for machine sanding, characterized by a perfectly smooth sanding surface, long service life, stable quality at the beginning and end of work.

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Product information

Mirka ULTIMAX BLACK (1350 x 2620 mm) is a new generation PREMIUM quality sanding belt for machine sanding. Strong and stable base, resistant to wear and tear.

The latest technologies used in the production of MIRKA Ultimax® Black allow us to achieve unparalleled surface quality and a long service life of the tape. Ultimax® Black is made using the patented SELECTIVE COATING technology. Thick and stable PREMIUM quality paper (antistatic) and silicon carbide abrasive grains are used for the base. This combination allows you to achieve
a particularly high-quality and evenly polished surface, even when using belts with a larger grain.

Sanding belts made of Ultimax® Black are long-lasting, tear-resistant, and maintain stable dimensions and shape.

The special pattern of abrasive grains is characteristic of MIRKA Ultimax®, by forming pits it protects the sanding belt from being carried away, reduces the sanding temperature, and increases the aggressiveness of the sanding belt. Thanks to the "pits" grinding dust is removed efficiently and does not stick to the surface, and the abrasive grains remain sharp longer.

The patented MIRKA abrasive production technology with Ultimax® Black raises the quality and service life of machine grinding to a new level. The main advantages of working with Ultimax® Black: perfectly SMOOTH grinding surface, LONG service life, STABLE quality at the beginning and end of work.

Narrow and wide sanding belts are produced from MIRKA Ultimax® Black. P80 - P220, intermediate P240 - P1000 are used for primary grinding. Suitable for sanding hard and soft wood, MDF, HDF boards, natural wood veneer, melamine surface, as well as intermediate sanding and polishing of all types of finishing materials.

ULTIMAX BLACK (1350 x 2620 mm) advantages:
• Strong, high-quality paper -> Very resistant to tears and wear
• New silicon carbide grains -> High grinding speed, low surface temperature
• Precision coating with SELECTIVE COATING -> Remains aggressive and non-carrying for longer
• Stable, antistatic -> High-quality sanding from start to finish


Bonding P80-P220: Derva/derva, antistatinis; P240-P1000:Derva/derva padengta stearatu
Backing P80-P220: Antistatic T - paper; P240-P1000: Antistatic E - paper
Color P80-P220: Black/Black; P240-P100: Grey/Black
Coating P80-P220: Closed with Selective Coating; P240-P1000: Semi-open with Selective Coating
Grain Silicon carbide
Length 1350 mm
Width 2620 mm
Abrasive name ULTIMAX BLACK
Surfaces suitable for sanding MDF/HDF
Melamino paviršius
Natūralus medienos lukštas
Soft wood
Solid wood
Tarpiniam šlifavimui ir poliravimui
Type of sanding belts Wide belts
Package Package 10 pcs.
** Sold in packs



"Mirka" is a globally expanding company with 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, North and South America as well as Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 97% of its products are exported and sold in over 100 countries.

Innovative approach, research and development have allowed "Mirka" to become a leader in flexible abrasive innovation, as well as a patented sanding system that allows customers to enjoy true dust-free surface sanding.

Today, "Mirka" offers a wide range of high-quality products that cover all grinding operations. The range of advanced products is designed to effectively solve the problems of specialized production (wood, car refinishing, composites) for both professionals and amateurs.

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