Robotic industrial eccentric sander Mirka AIROS 150NV 32 mm

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Mirka® AIROS 150NV is the smallest AIROS sanding head yet, designed for sanding in narrower spaces, chipping and spot repair work in automated processes.

Product information

Mirka® AIROS 150NV is the smallest AIROS sanding head yet. Intended for grinding in narrower spaces, chipping and spot repair work in an automated process. It is an electric and smart sander built into a strong but lightweight aluminum body.

Can be adapted to all mechanical connections, thus providing maximum flexibility. The long-lasting brushless motor is particularly safe for wet sanding and operates at a constant and configurable speed. This model is non-vacuum and has a 32 mm pad.

Weighing just 0.8kg, the Mirka AIROS electric sander fits easily into light-duty robot arms, and its compact and lightweight electric sanding head is specially designed for continuous sanding.
Easy installation: the sanding head has a quick cable connection and a quick attach vacuum hose connection.

The artificial intelligence integrated in the Mirka AIROS electric sander allows for communication between the sanding head and the control system. By receiving detailed information about the condition of the grinder and the possibilities of its application, you can have full control over the grinding process.
You get precise speed control thanks to the brushless motor and controller with Mirka's patented technology. To maintain consistent quality, the rotation frequency remains constant, even under heavy load.

The new Mirka AIROS smart electric sanding head is suitable for robotic sanding of all surfaces. To achieve optimal grinding results, "Mirka AIROS" is best combined with quality "Mirka" abrasives.

• Constant and configurable RPM
• Designed for grinding all types of robots
• Protection against dust and water (IP66)
• Designed for sanding hard-to-reach areas
• Minimal maintenance

The AIROS 150NV 32mm can meet all your sanding needs, including wet sanding. It is also safe to use on hazardous materials.
The compact design and brushless motor together with the robust aluminum housing ensure a long service life and safer operation.
Adapted for industrial use. It requires very little maintenance.


Power 50 W
Orbit 5 mm
Speed 4000 - 8000 rpm
Dust system Non vacuum
Size of pad 32 mm
Protection class IP 66
Weight 0.8 kg


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