Disposable nitrile gloves Colad, blue, 100 pcs.

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Very high quality nitrile gloves, powder free and solvent resistant, specially designed for use during the painting process.

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Very high quality nitrile gloves that are powder free and solvent resistant. Specially designed for use during the painting process. Are stronger, thicker and more durable than regular nitrile gloves. Pack of 100 pcs.

Not every glove is suitable for the painting process. It is very important to protect the painter when working with paint. In addition to protecting the wearer, it is also very important that the gloves protect the paint from contamination.

Paint, along with labor, is the most expensive component of a paint processing company. Colad nitrile gloves prevent hair, skin fibers and skin oils from coming into contact with paint and protect the user from chemical splashes.

Advantages of nitrile blue gloves:
• Excellent protection, thanks to the thickness of the gloves - 0.115 mm
• Long sleeves, make you feel safe while working - 245 mm
• Textured fingertips for better grip
• Especially suitable for working with paints and solvents
• Natural latex free: completely safe to wear for people allergic to latex.
• Silicone-free: prevents paint contamination
• Powder Free: Washed 3 times during production, making them 100% powder free to prevent dye contamination
• Disposable: designed to be thrown away after use, thus avoiding contamination and ensuring clean work

Protection (PPE) CAT III according to European Union Directive 2016/425/EU. PPE protects against risks that cause irreversible health damage. CE notified body number: 2777. EN 1149 -5, Method 2: Induction attenuation time.


Color Blue
Material Nitrile
Size Available sizes: M, L, XL
Thickness 0,115 mm



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