Flap grinding disc Karbosan Premium Line AXPR11

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Flap grinding disc Karbosan Premium Line AXPR11 is used for aggressive grinding of steel and metal.

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Product information

Flap grinding disc Karbosan Premium Line AXPR11 is used for aggressive grinding of steel and metal.

Resistant to heavy loads, suitable for grinding steel.

• Polyamide and cotton base is abrasion resistant
• SD card density is designed for high performance
• Universal fit
• Good performance/price ratio
• Conical shape is used on concave surfaces and edges
• Working angle 15° and 25°


Backing X heavy polycotton fabric
Coating Manual sander
Grain Aluminium oxide
Density Standard (SD)
Areas of application Aluminum
Cast iron
Low alloy steel
Non-ferrous metal
Stainless steel
Rotational speed 80 m/s
Inner hole diameter 22.23 mm



Karbosan, the first manufacturer of bonded abrasive products in Turkey, started its production activities in 1967. In Halkalı, Istanbul, with 40 employees, established in an area of 9,000 m2.

Today, the company offers quality, reliable and high-quality products in more than 75 countries on 6 continents.

Thanks to investments in innovation and R&D studies, Karbosan has a wide range of products to achieve perfect surfaces.

With more than 56 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality bonded abrasive products, Karbosan has developed its system to meet the needs and expectations of customers, ensuring high performance, from raw material supply to after-sales service.

Is the first company in Turkey to produce bonded abrasives according to the ISO 9001 quality management system and the first company in Turkey that belongs to the Federation of European Abrasives Manufacturers (FEPA) and the Organization for Abrasive Safety (OSA) to produce high quality products.

The quality of the product range is certified by the Turkish Standards Institute as TS EN 12413 for bonded abrasives and TS EN 13743 for coated abrasives.

Karbosan considers the impact on the environment and at every step from the raw material to the delivery of the product to the customers, it makes its production sensitive to nature according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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