Sealing tape Dana Lim Sealant Tape F600, 15/5-12 mm, 10 m

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Sealant Tape F600 is a pre-compressed sealing tape for construction joints.
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Product information

Dana Lim Sealant Tape F600 is a pre-compressed sealing tape that expands up to five times to form an effective seal and permanently diffuse open elastic joint.

Suitable for seams around doors and windows, pipes and structural joints and more, both internally and externally.

Base consists of special impregnated polyurethane foam, which ensures permanent resistance to weather conditions and rain. Product is self-adhesive, easy to install and available in several joint sizes from 5mm to 25mm wide.

Sealing tape F600 can be used for seams in buildings up to 100 m high.

Instructions for use:
• Preparation: to achieve optimal application time, the tape must be kept at room temperature for at least one hour before application. The mating surfaces must be cleaned.
• Important: installation must be done between two parallel and completely flat surfaces. When installing to metal, e.g. windows with an aluminum coating, sealing strips are selected with a depth of min. 20 mm and seam width are measured in oversized dimensions. The sealing tape is installed 3 - 5 mm into the structure. It is not recommended to use as a temporary sealing closure (1st stage sealing/sealing) against wind and rain, as there is a high risk of the sealing tape becoming very wet and resulting in moisture damage.
• Expansion: expansion will start immediately. Depending on the temperature, this will take from minutes to days. High temperature will accelerate the expansion. Tape can be gently heated with a fan. Conversely, the application time may be extended if the tape is cooled.
• Application: cut the first 2 cm from when you start using the tape and when you finish, also cut the last 2 cm. The required length is cut. Do not forget to add 1 - 3 cm per meter. Remove 20 - 30 cm of protective paper and place the tape on one of the connecting surfaces. The front side of the tape is placed approx. 2 - 4 mm indentation from the edge. Press the tape with a filler knife if there is not enough room for the fingers. If the tape does not stick properly (due to damp or dusty surfaces), the tape can be fixed with a wedge until it expands.

In cross seams, the vertical bar must be full. The horizontal strip is applied later, lightly pressed against the vertical. In T-joints, the first sealing tape to be applied should always be permeable tape. In the places of the rear connections, the tape is assembled with light pressure. The tape must never overlap.

A vertical strip is first placed in the corners.

Note that the bottom seams of the windows may not be suitable for sealing tape. Due to the geometric profile of the window, it may not be possible to apply the tape correctly. When gluing the tape, it is also necessary to ensure that rainwater does not enter directly into the tape. When used on brick walls, the joints must be filled, as the surfaces must be smooth.


Length 10 m
Material Polyurethane foam, impregnated with modified acrylic dispersion
Temperature resistance -30°C to + 100°C
Fire safety class B1
Tension Min. 200 %
Shelf life 24 months from production date
Joint width 5 -12 mm
Joint depth, minimum 15 mm
Tensile strength Min. 100 kPa
Water vapour diffusion µ < 10 (compressing up to 20%)
Thermal conductivity λ = 0,0429 W/mK, MPA Hannover



The history of Dana Lim began in 1928. spring, when Kai Leopold Hansen came up with the idea of a new type of strong glue. Since then, Dana Lim has been known in every Dane's household, and has become known in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe as a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and putty that sets new standards for functionality, quality and user-friendliness.

The main principles of the company: customer and market orientation; development of highly specialized products, taking into account their use; open, environmentally safe and responsible approach to business.

It is hoped that these three factors will help lay sustainable and long-term foundations for the company's future growth and fulfillment of consumer needs.

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