We offer to furniture manufacturers various types of plywood, size  1525 x 1525 mm, made of 4 – 18 mm thick hardwood  of Belarussian origin. This plywood confirms to the standard of the producer’s country. We also offer delivery of cut-to-sizes  plywood products produced according to the customer’s specifications, minimum order – 3 m3.

Upon customer’s request, we supply wooden pellets for heating  with 6 or 8 mm diameter, also  of Belarussian origin. Packaging – 15 kg bags or industrial packaging – the so called “big bag”.  Minimum order – a truckload volume (approximately 21 tons).

Now, a new business activity is being developed – the supply of WAGNER equipment and spareparts, designed for application of lacquers and paints, which will be offered to our customers in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Customers and potential partners interested in purchasing of WAGNER equipment and
consumables are welcomed to send their requests to address