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In water-based (WB) materials, organic solvents are replaced by water (partially or in significant amount). It means that the amount of solvents excreted during processing is essentially reduced. A layer applied reveals good mechanical and chemical stability and does not sallow under light impact. Two-component materials are also available.

CodeTitleDescriptionSafety data sheet (SDS)Technical data sheet (TDS)
3025-038101 Varnish Aqua Lean 10 Self-priming; gloss (GL 10)t SDS_EN Upon request
3025-013251 Varnish Aqua Interior 7131 Thixotropic; gloss (GL 30) SDS_EN Upon request
3025-010301 Varnish Supercryl 30 Gloss (GL 30) SDS_EN Upon request
3000-007001 Priming paint Sandoseal 199 Well polishable; transparent SDS_EN Upon request
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