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Polyurethane-based (PU) materials harden during a reaction of isocyanates and polymer hydroxyl group. After addition of a hardener, polyurethane-based materials need to be used within a short time period (usually 2 to 6 hours). In comparison to anthocyanin-based (AC) materials, PU-based materials harden slower and their hardening speed does not change significantly after temperature increase. A layer applied reveals good or very good mechanical and chemical stability and high humidity resistance.

CodeTitleDescriptionSafety data sheet (SDS)Technical data sheet (TDS)
111.58.01 PU-based priming paint Standard priming paint; white SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS) PU-based paint White; glossy; polishable SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
211.11.99 PU-based varnish Glossy; polishable SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
210.00.25 PU-based varnish Antisratch Glossy; polishable SDS_EN Technical data sheet (TDS)
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